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CD "Midnight Sessions" de Nahtaivel | A venda com a Scavengers:

CD "Midnigth Sessions" - Industrial/EBM/Dark-Eletro

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Midnight Sessions is the new album from the Brazilian master of Electro-Horror-Industrial NAHTAIVEL.

Taking advantage of the proximity to the end of the world Nahtaivel is releasing its new album, Midnight Sessions, an industrial/EBM album that brings new features to its heavy and aggressive electronic music.

This time besides the great mix of dark-electro, industrial and black metal, Midnight Sessions presents a strong big beat influence on its rhythm session, from the bands such as Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, making this album the most diverse ever released by the band, and even more aggressive and macabre than the previous work.

Each lyric is inspired by a different movie and each song has its own mood, which makes a interesting listening from the beginning to the end of the album.

Among the highlights are: "The Storm is Coming," which brings a strong and groovy drums, low-pitched vocals, distorted synthesizers, and a morbid and psychedelic end. "He Was a Quiet Man", a study on how far the dark-electro can be sick. "The Wheel of Vengeance", slow, heavy, hopeless! "Midnight Session" the perfect blend of metal and industrial. And "Audition", fast, aggressive, and dancefloor-oriented.

Midnight Sessions is original, melodic, aggressive, and the perfect soundtrack for the last year of our existence.

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